there are bats in the belfry.
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Let me greet you with a cup of tea, dear. It's nice to have people around, you know. I'm looking forward to get to know you better! What do you think? Sounds good? By the way, I'm Kat, 22 and sometimes, I like something so much I start sharing things with my friends. I write, somethimes I draw, and very seldom I even sew.




how does 6 seconds have such a drastic plot twist

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Track: NO!!!!!!!!!
Artist: Welcome to Night Vale
Album: "The Debate" - Live at Roulette


I had to preserve this utter majestic moment.

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I think I convinced my mom to let me paint one of the walls in all the leftover colors we have lying around! I’m gonna make such a colorful wall oh my god, I’m so excited!

We’ve got blue and toxic green and light purple and mint green and magenta and red and yellow and oh my god, there are so many colors I’m gonna mix them, and make a a rainbow wall!

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The last time I was at home for longer than a weekend, I repainted a room for my mother.

Guess, what I’m doing this time? You’re right. Repainting a room. For my mother.

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I ordered my tuning key (?? what do you call that? is that right?), a tuning scale and some pleks, so hopefully, by the end of the week, I can clena up my new baby. Then I can finally learn how to play the zither!

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Give it to me now.

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i bought a zither at the flea market. terribly out of tune, but I’m gonna fix that and then imma learn how to play! hell yeah!

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Who wore it better?

This will never stop being funny until mainstream media stops making bikini armor a standard.

- wincenworks

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Aug. 1st 2014 - International Croatoan Day

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the colours are so beautiful.

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